Professional Clinical Psychology Practice

Professional Clinical Psychology Practice

Welcome to Gut Feelings Therapy

We are a professional clinical psychology practice offering online psychological therapy. We work with adults experiencing a range of emotional and mental health difficulties. 

This practice was founded by Dr Lisa Harpur, Chartered Senior Clinical Psychologist. Dr Lisa is a fully qualified and experienced Clinical Psychologist. She offers professional, confidential therapy and takes a holistic approach to understanding and treating mental health problems.

As an online therapy practice, people from all over Ireland are welcome to attend.

Dr Lisa Harpur, BA (Hons), MPsychSc, DClinPsych, C.Psychol. PsSI

Gut Feelings Therapy - What's in a name?

If you’re feeling down, anxious or stressed, you’ve probably noticed feeling physically out of whack too.

At the centre of our practice in Gut Feelings Therapy is the mind-body connection. Evidence shows that our mental health effects our body, and our physical health impacts our emotional well-being. The connection is particularly strong between our brain and gut. Think about how stress and anxiety impact your digestive system, for example. 

The nervous system plays a crucial role in this connection. The nervous system connects the brain to the rest of the body, impacting our organs, immune system and hormonal functioning. Researchers and clinicians are increasingly understanding the implications of this connection. There is mounting evidence that mental health factors can significantly impact many physical health conditions, and vice versa.

Therefore, it’s essential that psychological therapy considers both the mind AND the body. In Gut Feelings Therapy we consider how your mental health difficulties might be impacting your physical well-being at the moment. We also consider how any physical ailments you experience are impacting your emotional wellbeing. If this is relevant for you, we will then work together to help you overcome your current difficulties by using a combination of psychological strategies and body-focused techniques to regulate your nervous system. 

Looking for a psychologist in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Kildare? With Gut Feelings Therapy you can access a Senior Clinical Psychologist online, no matter where you live in Ireland. Online therapy makes psychological support accessible and time-efficient for people with busy schedules. With online therapy, you can log in from anywhere in Ireland. 

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Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” – Carl Jung

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